Did you know that most colleges do not have a preference which test (SAT or ACT) that a student submits? Did you know that some students will do considerably better on the ACT than the SAT?

Some colleges have chosen to be test optional which means a student does not have to submit their scores to be considered for acceptance. This can benefit a student who has a strong grade point average but does not do well on tests. Here’s a link to see the list of colleges who are test optional

If your student chooses a college that requires the SAT or ACT here are some of the differences between the two tests.


  1. The SAT is 3 hours, with a 50 minute optional writing section and the ACT is 2 hours, 55 minutes with a 40 minute option writing section.
  2. The ACT highest score is 36 and the SAT highest score is 1600
  3. The SAT has 2 sections (Evidence Based Reading & Writing and Math with an optional writing section) and the ACT has 4 sections (Reading, Math, English, Science & and optional writing section)
  4. The new SAT does not take points off for incorrect answers – just like the ACT
  5. The ACT has a science section and the SAT doesn’t.
  6. The new SAT and current ACT includes advanced math concept questions—algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Students may not feel the ACT math is harder though, because questions are worded in a direct manner.
  7. The SAT & ACT have optional writing tests, but is required by many schools.

If you want to know which test your student will do better on, call us at 845-605-1100 x1 and ask us about our diagnostic test. This is a 3 hour test of which the results lets the student know which test they would do better on (SAT or ACT).