Personalized College Report Form


By using our proprietary color-coded college list, your student can see exactly what scores are needed to get into the college of choice as well as possibly qualify for merit scholarships. It is because of this system that not one of our families have to pay full price for college. Download a Sample Personalized College Report Form.

Color Coded Descriptions

Blue Colleges in the blue are colleges a student may want to consider applying to their honors program. There are many perks for the honors group plus funding will be very good. A good but not necessarily complete list of colleges with honors programs can be found on the following link. Honors Programs HONORS PROGRAMS. Parents Note: Call the college admissions department or double check the colleges website to see if a honors program exist as not all colleges have honors programs.

Green Colleges in the green are colleges a student should also readily get admitted to. This group also represents colleges that you should academically and socially excel at. This group of colleges will also represent colleges who should offer the best funding in the form of merit aid and better than average need based aid. We would like you to have at least three colleges in the green in the six to ten colleges that you apply to in the fall. Remember “three in the green” for the best overall results academically and financially.

Yellow Colleges in the yellow are colleges a student should readily get admitted to. The good funding starts here in the yellow colleges. The combination of the admissions and some good funding will make this list of colleges more desirable than the Orange set.

Orange Colleges in the orange are the most competitive colleges from your college search based on the comparison of the colleges standardized scores as compared to your standardized scores. Admissions to these colleges can be accomplished but funding by the college will not be there for the family. These colleges could also represent institutions were the student becomes overwhelmed and slip into serious stress. Adding to the last two points plus the lack of investment in the student by the college can make the overall selection of the college as less than desirable. From an accountability standpoint; do not buy a ten diamond ring if all you can afford is a one diamond ring.

Red Colleges identified by red type with a red asterisk are approximately one of the 60 colleges that offer 100% funding of the need formula. Remember the formula is: Cost of Attendance Minus the expected family contribution equals the need. Some of these need based only colleges do offer merit aid but only to a very, very small percentage of the incoming freshman class.

Colleges above the blue section represent colleges that could be too easy and a waste of your time. The money the colleges would invest in you would be good but the time spent here would not be challenging and therefore be a potential waste of your time.