Alex – Cornell University

When Alex started with College Planning 101 he was a Sophomore at Dutchess Community College as well as an excellent student with a GPA of 3.7.

His dream was to go to Cornell but didn’t think his family could afford it.  By working with College Planning 101 he not only got into Cornell but also received $37,000 in need-based aid.  Through is hard work and diligence in his grades and by his parents working with College Planning 101 on the financial aid package, his parents realized they could afford Cornell.

They were so pleased this is the thank you they sent us:

“Thank you so much for your services. You provided us with the support and guidance to help Alex’s dreams come true!  Trish”

Samantha – Roger Williams University

When Samantha started with College Planning 101 she didn’t know what she wanted in a college or career.  After going through the career assessment and professional college search with an academic advisor, visiting colleges and working with College Planning 101, she found her dream college.  Samantha realized she didn’t need to make a decision on her career but rather, find a college that had the majors that would lead her to one of the careers she was considering.

Her guidance counselor told her she wouldn’t get into Roger Williams University, however College Planning 101’s tools and technology showed her she would not only get into Roger Williams, but she would also receive academic scholarships.   Samantha received $13,000 in academic scholarships and here’s what her parents had to say:

“Thank you for all your help, Sam loved working with you and we couldn’t have afforded college with out using your service.  Jody”