Everyone at College Planning 101 is dedicated to finding the best academic, social AND financial fit for our students. Our reward is the success of the students we work with. Here are testimonials from some of the families we’ve assisted:

Dear Stephanie, I just wanted to say thank you for your help with the college process for both of my children.   Your advice and resources have been invaluable to me through the entire procedure.  Not only did you help to determine which test, ACT vs. SAT, my children would be more successful taking, you also recommended an excellent tutor to help boost their scores. Additionally, your help in identifying colleges that would be the best fit regarding academic major, size of school, likelihood of scholarship and financial aid, etc., really eased the overwhelming task of identifying those institutions to visit and apply to.  Because of you, we never missed a date or deadline and both Brittany and Joe participated in the process.   Additionally, I really appreciate you spending so much time with me trying to figure out how to reduce the financial burden of a college education.  Your council and ideas have been a lifesaver and well worth the expense and I love that I have not had to file a FAFSA form on my own.  I wish you much success with your business and can only imagine that you will do well because you are business smart, have the utmost concern for your clients, and have a remarkable ability to identify current needs and trends. Thanks again for all of your help. Sincerely, Joetta Lisowski

Dear Stephanie,  I can’t begin to tell you how much help you and your firm have given me over the past two years.  We all would like to think we’ve prepared for college expenses for our children until the bill comes. In my wildest dreams I never thought higher education would be this expensive.  Thanks to you and your expertise in navigating the confusing waters of the financial aid process, I am able to rest comfortably knowing that my children will go to great schools and graduate unburdened by student loan debt hanging over their heads.  Your help in going through this process has been invaluable. Knowing that someone like you has everything under control has meant the world to me and my family.  This process is difficult from the getgo. You and your team take the burden off of the families so that they can concentrate on the day to day issues. The filings, tax returns, burden of proof, etc. are handled by your firm.  Your professionalism in dealing with these delicate matters is beyond reproach. I would and will recommend you to any and all people in need of help in these matters. You’re the best!  Thank you , Brian G Falvey

Thanks to Stephanie and College Planning 101 we were able to secure a $2,000 scholarship for our daughter, Kacie on the eve of making the deposit for Freshman year. After a brief review of Kacie’s academics, financial aid offers and our family’s finances, Stephanie recommended that we appeal to the college of my daughter’s choice, Roger Williams University, for additional financial aid consideration.  Stephanie helped us write an appeal letter and within a few days, Kacie was notified that she would be receiving an additional Leadership Scholarship of $2000. annually. Stephanie made the process very easy and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks! —Cathy, Jim and Kacie

I would just like to thank you for all your support. Olivia and I felt very comfortable and confident working with you. You made the process much easier. Your such an easy and accessible person to talk to and we greatly appreciate your time and effort. Have a great summer and we will keep in touch! — Lina Valdes

When I recommend you to people I know, I tell them that you are the person that can walk them through the college application process, help answer their questions and make recommendations on how to proceed without having to dial an 800 number and get five different answers to the same question. — Donna Pecchia

I haven’t talked to you in a while and I just wanted to thank you so much again for all of your help with me and my family in the college process. I’m currently sending this email from Orientation at SUNY Buffalo! You made this process so much easier for us, and I greatly appreciate it and will continue to far into my college years. I’ll keep in touch! Thanks again! —Emily Koehler, Student